Embarking on the Easyboot Adventure

Desire in her new Easyboot Gloves

Its official, I own my first pair of Easyboot Gloves! This morning was my first time putting them on Desire; her trim is just over two weeks old and not done by a barefoot trimmer, so the fit could have been better but I did get them on and off successfully which was my first triumph. I am considering looking up a barefoot trimmer to look after Desire’s feet as opposed to my farrier I am currently using, since I know that the trimming philosophies can be quite different. I have ZERO experience using Easyboots so I’m going to be feeling my way along in the dark on this whole journey but I know I have a wonderful resource in the folks at GETC, where I bought Desire. Christoph Schork, partners with Dian Woodward at GETC, just won the 100 mile National Championship in Easyboots–I’d say you don’t get a more knowledgeable resource on Easysboots than that! Anyhow I am glad to see how easy the Gloves are to get on and off and Desire didn’t mind my amateurish application of them.

Today is the raffle drawing for a year of free shoeing that my farrier is doing. I have 25 tickets in the raffle and really hope to win! I’ve decided to keep Blaze in front shoes at least for the foreseeable future since they are working for him and learning with one horse in Easyboots is enough for me for the moment–so come on raffle, lets get a year of free front shoes for Blaze!

Oh and Sheza is 5 months old this week!! Weaning time before we know it!

Sheza, 5 months old this week!

3 thoughts on “Embarking on the Easyboot Adventure

  1. No words of wisdom re: easyboots, but you should definitely look into a barefoot trimmer. It is different from what most farriers do. You can do some easy touchup work on her feet to keep the gloves fitting perfectly – it's not rocket science, I promise!

  2. Good luck with the boots, and I second the motion of a barefoot trimmer. I don't do much trimming touch up myself yet, but I'm hoping to! I really like my boots (I have a different type), but it is a learning process, so don't give up if you need to tweak things. I do hope you win the raffle though!

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