Big Bad Blogger’s Distance Race starts today!

Since I began reading other folk’s endurance blogs this spring, and subsequently started this, my own, Endurance Granny has come up with a fun mileage competition, the Big Bad Blogger’s Distance Race. It begins today, December 1st 2011, and runs through November 30th 2012. Sign-ups are of course now closed but folks may want to check out mileage various “novice” endurance/distance riders across the country are logging over the coming year. I’ve “met” a few folks through this event already and we now share our blogs with each other as well. Networking, don’t cha know! There are two divisions, one for single-horse riders and one for us folks with multiple horses to ride, and competition is only against others in your particular division.

Oh hey, and there are small prizes from Nutrena, Trailwise Tack, and Moss Rock Endurance for the winner! I feel my competitive spirit being kicked into gear. Anyway if you are interested in checking it out:

Big Bad Blogger’s Distance Race

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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