Christmas Tree Time!

Now that the BBBDR has started (see previous post) I’m feeling totally guilty I haven’t logged any miles yet. To be fair its only been 2 days and the north wind has been screaming here for the last week. But still. My competitive spirit is stirring just as much as my Christmas spirit! Luckily Desire and I are headed to the lake tomorrow for some miles, windy or not. As for Christmas, I’ve survived the blinding ear/tooth ache that came out of nowhere last night and lasted til about 8 am this morning, and we are off to find a Christmas tree this afternoon! I absolutely love the Christmas season, especially decorating the tree–and the property. We’ve got lights strung across the horse’s fence line and around the trunks of our Italian cypress trees down to our front gate and its fabulously cheery at night! I’m that person that keeps their tree til it’s a crispy fire hazard and is totally depressed after the holiday is over (for a day or two, anyway). Yes I’ll admit giving and receiving presents is good fun, but I really just love everything about the season. I’ve been better at visiting my family consistently throughout 2011 (and going to endurance rides actually helped with that!) but in general Christmas it the for-sure gathering of as much of our family as can possibly get together, which I love.

Hope those who celebrate it are enjoying getting into the holiday season as well. I know it isn’t for everyone but for me, December is one of my favorite months! Time to go dig out the ornaments…

Last year’s Christmas wiener…

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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