Tree–and more!

Not only did we get a lovely bushy Christmas tree home, set up, and decorated, my husband scored a like-new sectional Lazy-E-Boy couch and recliner for free from a friend that was moving! So our living room got a whole overhaul this afternoon, with new couches and recliner moved in, old couches moved out into the cabin/master suite (our bedroom), and a Christmas tree set up. It was a pretty exhausting day especially since I started it awake at 2 am feeling awful, but I’m glad it turned into such a productive day! I have really gone to town on the house since I got home a week ago and have re-arranged the living room, dining room, and our cabin bedroom. Now we just need to find some chairs for our dining table and things will be pretty well dialed in. Yes that’s right, we didn’t have a dining table set up like real adults, we–probably shouldn’t admit this–ate on the couch in front of the tv. But now we’ve got a proper table again! And my husband has a proper fly-tying station for his fishing stuff, and the recliner he always wanted. I was planning to get him a recliner for Christmas so now I’m back to square one on a present idea for him! Still pretty happy we scored all this furniture, that stuff can be expensive! I’ll happily trade acquiring free couches and a recliner for now having to wander around fishing and hunting stores in circles trying to find him a Christmas present!

 New living room set up and tree

2 thoughts on “Tree–and more!

  1. It looks awesome! Man, I've really gotta get a tree asap. G doesn't come back home for two more weeks but they'll all be crap by then… I want to get one now and we'll decorate it when he comes home.

    I like that coffee table! Ours has a lip on it that looks really pretty, but it hurts your ankles if you try to prop your legs on it – and it catches sand and dirt that comes flying in from the windstorms.

  2. Thanks! I love me some Christmas lights. Definitely go grab a nice fat Christmas tree while they're around, even just the smell is awesome.

    The coffee table was a thrift store snag. Its great, except for the tray on the bottom that allows us to pile dozens of magazines and too much crap under there, lol.

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