Hooves and Shells

 “I’m going to be thiiiisssss tall”
Today the barefoot trimmer came and worked on Sheza and Desire. Good stuff all around. Sheza was a little more sassy than last time but not bad all things considered. She DID gallop up to me from the bottom of the paddock. Then she flipped out when I tried to buckle the halter and ran off. She came back and sniffed me all over like I was a crazy stranger, only then allowed me to put the halter on. Sigh. Whatever. Drama first, brain in gear later.
 “Who me? I’m an innocent baby..”
Desire: Left front hoof
 Sheza work in progress: Left front trimmed, the rest untrimmed
 What a good girl
I was planning to take Blaze for a little spin around the neighborhood but the husband shanghaied me into doing some errands in town and spending a half hour at the shooting range to get more comfortable with the .12 gauge shotgun for duck hunting. I was shooting a .20 gauge and just last week manned up and tried the big gun. So did some practice with that today, I have a healthy respect/fear of guns and it was nice to be able to spend some time and feel a little more comfortable. We make jerkey sticks out of our duck meat and BOY are those sticks good. We also stopped at the river for maybe 20 minutes and he hooked a couple of Steelhead, including one whopper that ended up breaking off, but had him whooping and hollering while it was on the line. 
 At the river
Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a few miles on Blaze tomorrow, I know he would like to get out and the western saddle will work for a short ride.

 Country dogs chew LOGS

And now some obsessed-with-Desire photos:

 Pretend she is snowy white and go “Oohhh pretttyy”

 Mom and big baby!

Go Girl!

2 thoughts on “Hooves and Shells

  1. Yes they are coming along nicely, she grows new hoof so incredibly fast I can't ever let her go more than four weeks for sure. Concavity is returning, I always ride her in all 4 Easyboot Gloves for now and she is handling varied terrin really well. Thrush is under control for now. But will no doubt return when it rains again, she seems pretty susceptible to it. Still, lots of good progress!

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