A Day in Photos

 Look what I returned home to find yesterday:

They are pack goats that belong to our neighbor’s, who are long time friends of my husband from Southern California that happened to move up near us a few years ago. The goats are quite sweet and will be wintering here as the neighbor’s spend the season in down south. I’m really not a goat person but these are friendly and don’t seem too loud or out of control so far. I was thinking I might turn Sheza out in the big pasture with them to see what they did. It’s big enough that everyone has room to get away but they might end up being a little herd, who knows.

 happy Tady spazzing

A mutual “What the heck are YOU?!” moment

Dorky horse photos for the win
 My boys

 Sheza front hooves

Sheza hind hooves

 Blaze taking a friend for a ride in our arena this morning

4 thoughts on “A Day in Photos

  1. The main threat with goats is that they might decide that Sheza's tail is the world's best snack. Just keep an eye on it!

    My asshole goat gets grass hay and some goat mineral stuff free choice. If you want I'll try and look up the name – I dumped it into a kitty litter box and put it in the corner of the shed, but I've got it somewhere in my email…

    I hope they're sweet goats. Mine is a jerk, but I've had sweet goats before and they RULE.

  2. I really don't like goats at all. But my husband is very supportive of my horse habit. And we have empty pastures. So, I'm going to try to like goats. Lol.

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