I know, I know

 *Someone pointed out that there isn’t anything about training on here, and I’m betting she isn’t broke to ride. A shame. But p.s. I would never buy this mare, just sharing some of my OFA madness. I’m a craigslist frequenter, what can I say.

I do NOT need another horse! But this mare has been for sale for a year and I’m a teensy bit OFA (Obsessed From Afar). I haven’t met the horse or corresponded with the owners, but I always look at her ad and search it out to see if she is still for sale. I think she started at $6500 and is still probably overpriced. I really hope she goes to a good home..and does endurance!! Any readers out there interested? If you buy her I want to ride her once pleaaassseee   😛

Friesian/Arab Cross Mare

 (There are more photos in the link above, but in case the link becomes unavailable):

“Registered Friesian Sport Horse, grandaughter of Fuerst Gotthard, great grandaughter of TSJERK 328, and Godalier granddaughter on the arab side, outstanding girl, 15, 4yrs old Great kind, friendly disposition and nice movement. This is an amazing cross and she could do anything, dressage, trail, endurance, cutting, reining, a perfect horse in every way and one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. I never intended to sell her but have had unexpected medical bills. Raised right, pastured with other horses on hills so she knows where her feet are and is balanced. Pictures speak louder then words call if interested”


2 thoughts on “I know, I know

  1. pretty girl! I've seen her ad for a long time too. At my barn there is a fresian-arab cross. She is beautiful, and a lovely, floaty mover. Her owner uses her for low-level eventing and trail. She is pretty heavy of bone, but with the arab refinement. She is also a total b*tch, very unpredictable, and has already been spayed!

  2. LOL. Well then. A glowing recommendation 😉 Nah I just hope this girl finds a good home..and gets broke to ride! Doesn't just turn into a broodmare.. *eye roll*

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