I’m back!

Snow surprise!

Feels live forever since I’ve posted, or ridden for that matter. I felt I was getting sick last Thursday when the horses all got pedicures, and sure enough I spent Friday-Monday not moving far from the couch.

My husband surprised me with an overnight Valentine’s Day trip to Tahoe on Tuesday morning 🙂  We had a blast and made a somewhat treacherous icy/snowy descent to Carson City and on to Reno this morning, finally arriving back to our peaceful green fold late this afternoon. It’s amazing how long just over 24 hours away from home can feel! I got a new tattoo up in Tahoe and will be going back to that artist in the near future to have some more work done on a previously existing tattoo that is a little faded and I want transformed into something else. It should look really cool when it’s done, and I love the text job I got done Tuesday afternoon.

Text on right arm is new and the crescent moon shapes above it will be
 turned into mane/forelock on a tribal style horse head 
(the letters on left arm represent family members)

Oh, and my husband won a $1300 jackpot on the penny slots at a casino in Tahoe! Pretty crazy.

Fishing stop on the Yuba river

Back to reality tomorrow, going to get my trailer cleaned up and ready for another lake ride Friday, and desperately need to hit the gym! (Not a bad reality, is it?)

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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