Back to the Lake

It was great to get out to the lake again today with Desire and N and her mare. It had somehow been 2 weeks since we were last out there, though we did a few rides here from home in that time and I was sick for a couple of days last week, too.

Boots: I left gaiter straps all a little loose, ended up with a couple of very small ankle rubs and NO heel bulb rubs thanks to finally applying the much-needed Power Strap to the other front boot. Good stuff.

Saddle: We cruised 13 miles and didn’t get too hot and bothered, so I don’t consider the sweat mark reliable. There were some dry spots, but she was also not fully sweated up, and her back wasn’t at all sensitive to the touch. So a big WHATEVER to saddle fit today. Know what I mean?

Post ride posing

Head gear: (can’t you just picture Desire in dorky braces and head gear reading that? Maybe it’s just me..) I put the Kimberwick and martingale on her today. She did wonderfully in them!

This weekend I plan to attempt the big dirt road loop down in Bangor proper…

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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