Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

My mare has officially gone springtime cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Or cuckoo for something she ain’t gonna get around here, anyway! As much as Blaze *thinks* he is a studly man (and yes he had been known to mount mares in pasture, despite his gelding status) he isn’t one! But if you judged by the way Desire is acting, he is the sexiest beast around and the father of her future babies. Yesterday she ran herself into a lather screaming for Blaze when he wandered down the hill to the other end of his pasture. I mean dripping, lathered sweat! At mealtime, generally Desire’s favorite time of day, she didn’t even eat her mash at first because she was too busy parking her rear end against Blaze’s gate. Good ole Blaze is blissfully smelling the proffered rear end any time it’s available, of course. I have no doubt if they were in the same pasture right now he would get some big ideas in his head, and that is why I’m grateful to have multiple paddocks to keep the madness at a minimum. 

So check this out, for a Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde situation. I pulled Desire this morning to go meet N at the lake for a ride and little miss mare was prancey, stretchy, angsty, couldn’t stand still or even stop her mouth from moving constantly. She galloped and paraded around the arena twice as long as normal and tap danced in the cross ties up until the second she went in the trailer. I drove my usual 1/2 hr or so to the lake, she came out at the trail head quiet, dry, relaxed. N, myself, and our mares had a totally awesome, relaxing meander around the horse camp loop and mutually agreed we’d had such a nice peaceful time we would just leave it at that instead of heading out on the other trails. Back in the trailer went Desire, she waited quietly while I got diesel and again when my husband flagged me down heading out to the fishing hole and wanting to say hello. She came out of the trailer FIRED UP (not sweaty, but mentally fired up) and was squatting, calling, staring over at Blaze’s pasture. I gave her a warm shower and put her away–right to Blaze’s gate she went where she squatted and squirted at him. Honestly the horse at home and the horse at the trail head could NOT be more different! Of course it’s a fine arrangement of things, I’d rather she was a quack at home and fine on the trails than the other way around but good grief what a fool she is being at home! Spring is here and my mare is cuckoo!
New boy Joey seems quieter today, he is still obviously not thrilled the other horses are across the property but  calling is at a minimum and he is finally working his way through his hay. The mashes are always gone and the pan licked clean, and he is doing lots of grazing of course. He came right to the fence to have a few carrots when I got home and kept his eye on me while I was cleaning up the cross tie area and trailer. Everyone is settled down now for an afternoon nap in their respective paddocks–and I might have to join them, on my respective couch! 

3 thoughts on “Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

  1. She has clearly forgotten about the blazin' in her cooter.

    Oh hey, I talked to N for a long time at the convention yesterday – she's awesome! I really hope yall both make it over the hill for ROM! XD

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