Soggy Whiskeytown Chaser Packing

It poured here all last night and into this morning, but has currently settled for a cold blustery wind and grey skies. We’ve got an 80% chance rain predicted today, tonight, and tomorrow, and about the same for the Redding area where Whiskeytown Chaser takes place. Saturday, however, ride day AND Sheza’s first birthday, is forecast as sunny all around, with highs in the low to mid 60s. Totally doable!

I’m hoping it doesn’t shower too vigorously tomorrow, as I’m back to the reality of camping in a tent next to my horse tied to the trailer–ahh the days of LQ and high ties at Cuyama! Still, my wonderful crew husband J will be along and he always makes the camping situation livable.

As far as I know A and her wonderful stallion Alamahn will be at the ride as well as my regular riding buddy N and possibly even my friend and trimmer, D. To the best of my knowledge N and D are planning on the LD while A and I will hopefully have a Cuyama revival together in the 50. I’m SO excited to see her and ride with her again, she is so frickin awesome and we are so scarily alike–2 redheaded Taurus’ with a passion for horses, music, and adventure–ah endurance, always bringing people together.

I just started packing this morning after the rain quit, a minor operation since I left the majority of my misc ride supplies, vet stuff, extras, etc all packed in the big tote that it had been stored in for travel to and from Cuyama. Just unpacked the tote into my trailer tack rooms, laid a few things inside to dry, popped the GPS on the charger in the house, and added a few necessities to the trailer, you know, like saddle and bridle. A is supposed to be bringing my mohair girth with her and N offered to bring one or two of her own as back up, plus the new one I ordered so I’ll actually have 2 functional girths for Desire swears it’s on the UPS truck for delivery to me today. There shall be a plethora of mohair girths, rather than a shortage! As we like it.

Going to pick up a few odds and ends for the ride in town today and be ready to pull out early in the morning! Huzzah!

3 thoughts on “Soggy Whiskeytown Chaser Packing

  1. Gotta get my crew bag assembled and pack the trailer today! I have a much shorter haul to HD, only about 2 hours, so I won't even try to leave til noon. Or later. The weather forecast is… not ideal. GOOD LUCK and drink some whiskey for me!

  2. We're only about 3 hrs from Whiskeytown but it's a small ride camp and the ride entry is reportedly full so we want to get there as early as possible. Of course with our tiny rig we usually get squeezed in some small spot no one else could fit, which can be a good or bad thing!

    GOOD LUCK to you and Dixie! You can dooo itt!

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