Joey’s Opinion

Joey’s opinion seems to be that a lime green blanket is most unsatisfactory. Maybe he knows his color is going to be yellow, and considered the green a poor substitute. In any case, this is what remains of his month old blanket after yesterday:

This blanket was doomed from the start. It’s a “Tough 1” from and proved itself anything but tough. The outer waterproof material was cheesy and flimsy and the belly buckles didn’t stay buckled worth a damn, which caused the Great Hoof Trapped in Cinched Down Strap Cue Rodeo & MacGyver Rescue escapade while I was at Cuyama. That resulted in one belly strap being cut off and a rip having started where the strap attached under the side of the blanket from the struggle. Joey still tolerated it being taken on and off, but clearly wasn’t a huge fan…

Yesterday we pulled in and Joey was naked but there was something looking suspiciously like stuffing scattered around his paddock. As an owner of 4 dogs who enjoy shredding new toys and leaving stuffing around the property like snow, the sight is rather familiar. As we pulled in, sure enough Joey reach down, picked his blanket up off the ground, and shook it at us with a very, “Eehhhh, whatcha gonna do about THIS?!” demeanor about him. Well, I never, as my grandma would say.

You can see from the photo above that he didn’t just snake his way out of it, shed it like an old skin, and leave it at that. I’d say there was rather a lot of stomping and biting going on after this blanket hit the ground. He wore blankets without issue in a sizable herd at his last owner’s, so I’m not sure what to conclude here. He’s bored? Had an official standing vendetta with the blanket after the Escapade? He knew it was a cheesy knock-off and wanted a Schneider’s blanket like everyone else? Or just knew green wasn’t his color.

I’ll have him know that yellow blankets aren’t easy to find, and if I invest the time and money to get one, I expect it to receive better treatment! Of course, we all know how much horses care what we expect of them when at liberty in their own paddocks. “No, not the [fence, blanket, shed, etc]!”


Raining and windy all night here..hoping it subsides for a few minutes this morning to get the camping gear in the truck for Whiskeytown this morning. Rumor is that Funder will be joining us at Whiskeytown as High Desert Classic was re-scheduled this weekend due to poor weather. Here’s hoping the storm wasn’t too bad and the Nevada passes are open for her journey!

3 thoughts on “Joey’s Opinion

  1. haha! No green for him! That is the same brand as Major's orange blanket, it is pretty crappy. Major rarely wears his, and I still had to re-waterproof, so maybe it is true that Joey is holding out for a nicer brand.

    Good luck on the ride! I've heard it's a fairly tough one, and you always write up great ride reviews (no pressure….).

  2. Say hi to Funder for me if she's there! And JOEY! That was a perfectly good blanket… in the best color too! Silly pony…

    Those Rose destroys hers often too. She did get the super tough one from Schneiders… holding so far.

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