Joey Is a Cartoon Star!

Joey’s blanket escapades I posted about Friday morning before we left for the ride, in Joey’s Opinion, were found so comical by a very talented almost-local (Loomis area) cartoonist that he created this amazing cartoon for us! The artist is Chris Stone, look for him on Facebook under Stone Graphics. He can do really fun cartoon portraits of you and your horse, as well as cool comics like this of course. He work has been featured in Endurance News and he’s got some of the funny endurance drawings up on the Stone Graphics page if you can’t find them in your copies of EN (near the Classifieds). 

I haven’t met Chris or his wife Becca, but Becca is also an endurance rider and I became Facebook friends with her thanks to the Trails and Trials blog, when I finally realized that B and Ziggy on Facebook were the B and Ziggy featured on the blog! Connect the dots and find a cool new friend with a very talented husband! 
Thanks again, Stone Graphics!

2 thoughts on “Joey Is a Cartoon Star!

  1. Great cartoon (love the little Ta-Da?). I bought a custom drawing by Chris of me and Major, it is incredible, down to the colors I like and Major's silly blaze. I've been meaning to do a post on it and kept forgetting, you've shamed me into it.

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