What could it be?!

At last. My love has come along! Wait, I mean, a round pen. But seriously folks, I’ve been wanting a round pen for years, and have never needed one now more than ever, with my two spunky greenies to train–that would be Joey and Sheza of course. Joey is already hard to tire just a month after coming here underweight and tragic looking–lunging him can be tiring! Well guess what. Mr. Round Pen has arrived and things are about to get interesting. 
I got a great deal on it used from a local friend who is also letting me make a few payments, bless her soul. 
Okay, I’ve got horses to work–in my round pen! 😀

2 thoughts on “AT LAST!!

  1. Sweet! There is nothing like a roundpen for working the greenies. For years, I thought I could get away with just lunging, and I did. And then I got access to roundpens at different boarding stables I've been at and it's totally spoiled me!

  2. Yep I've definitely been making it work with just the lunge line so far but it's not easy on anyone! I worked Joey in the round pen this morning, it was great! 😀

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