Whiskeytown 2012 Pro Photos

Whiskeytown ride results were posted this morning and I was pretty surprised when I saw my official ride time! I was under the impression it took at least 8 1/2, more like 9 hours for us to finish but then again I think I only stopped my GPS on the short hold, so my GPS wasn’t reading just my actual *ride* time in the end. 
Anyhoo turns out we did it in 7:58 which I was pretty surprised/stoked about. Seems fast for how hard the trail was but Desire was so great riding solo and I really felt we made good use of the trotting spots where possible and were pretty conservative on the nasty stuff. So I guess we were just truckin’ along making good time! 
Ride photos were in the mail today too! I am pretty happy with them 🙂
These were first stream crossings in the morning, as I’m all bundled up, no half chaps since those Kerrits polar fleece lined breeches are so thick and grippy:

LOVE this one, she is so gorgeous (and I don’t mean me!):

Second loop, charging it in the afternoon. Would make a cool Easyboot ad, no? I have a more zoomed out one where you can see the rocks and boots even better, just sayin’ 😉

Look at that tail behind me!

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