Fish! And Unsavory Newbies

I know, this is supposed to be an endurance blog, or at least a horse related blog..well, it’s my blog. So here is what we got up and running tonight after rummaging through our storage yesterday and unearthing a big glass treasure:

That’s how our fish roll:

In horsey news, did a fun, relaxed 13 miles on Blaze today at the lake, joined by C and Sonny. N was supposed to join us and and meet C but her mare wasn’t feeling well this morning. Fortunately she is feeling better as of this evening!

Sonny and Blaze were SO laid back today it was too funny, especially considering the jigging jigger Sonny was less than a year ago. He is a very different horse these days! My butt hurt by the end of the ride just from all the slow walking today. Defying the “crazy Arab” stereotype, those two were! Though Blaze did a couple dramatic spooks and had one mini bucking fit when Sonny got to canter up a hill and he wasn’t allowed to join. Blaze’s “bucks” just make me smile.

Some boot issues and jerry rigging in that department today, mostly because I need to stop being cheap and just order a new gaiter for Blaze’s Epic already..I’ll get there..

Some VERY unsavory new neighbors have moved onto the proverbial block as of last week. It’s a local horse rescue with a well deserved bad reputation but a scary amount of uninformed financial support. They moved into the big empty dairy property on the corner and we’ve been treated to the sweet sounds of their donkey yelling all day for the last 4 days since they arrived. And there are now about 20 horses in a few tiny cross fenced areas on the corner, all turned out in ratty halters. Oh. Joy. The place is notorious for Strangles running rampant among un-quarantined rescue horses, and I’ll be keeping me and mine as far away as possible when being almost immediate neighbors..UGH.

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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