And the Pale Skins Say Ahhhhhh

It’s grey and raining lightly this morning, after a HOT weekend with temperatures near 100. We had a guest up visiting since Friday and did the whole Lake Oroville boater thing on Saturday, complete with me hiding under an umbrella and spraying water and sun screen over myself constantly–and a handful of bass caught. I didn’t even get a burn but I swear my skin radiates sun heat for days afterward.

And so as the sprinkles fall and the dust settles, the pale skins say Ahhhhhh and put their sunscreen down for the day. Sweet relief.

2 thoughts on “And the Pale Skins Say Ahhhhhh

  1. i'm with ya. last week was in the 80s and i was suffering at work (no AC in germany). it was also very humid. i kept eating popsicles and bitching. today the temps dropped to 30 something. YES! i opened my window and let the rain in. i heard colleagues complaining about how we really need summer. no, i can wait. i like grey skies and being able to actually do stuff outside. good thing my horse has his blanket on again, i had to go get it out of storage after washing it for the year. he's cozy, i'm making a fire in the woodstove. yay for seattle weather!

  2. Yep, for the most part I am ready for the season because it means so much riding fun, but really the grey day was BLISS for my poor skin! It's still raining lightly right now šŸ™‚

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