A Big Hill and (#*$&!(#!#%&!!!!!

Yep. I said it. @(#$&%^Y!!! That’s how I feel about my Easyboot Glove experience. Today I added Power Straps to the hind Gloves and wrapped her fronts (already Power-strapped) with Mueller Tape. I cursed and sang and did the BootStayOn Dance but it was to no avail. We crossed some water and then did a pretty epic hill, and first a hind boot failed and then a front. The hind boot was a weird fluke where the washer ripped through the boot so the hardware was still there but not actually attaching the two parts..then she sort of stepped on the front boot and sucked it off. I did up the gaiters tighter because lately the cheesy new Gaiter Velcro has been coming undone and my boots are just up and disappearing on the trail. I just went for it with powder in the gaiters and slick on the legs and Velcro-ed those suckers tight. Yep, you guessed it, her dainty ankles were rubbed pink after our (wet, steep) 9 miles. 
My riding buddy C is a good humored sort which is wonderful as I’m pretty much bi polar with the boots these days. Happily riding along chatting and then something happens to a  boot and all the past frustration boils to the surface again, I kinda change colors and steam may or may not pour out my ears as I dismount and deal with the booting issue..
My first attempt at taping..yeah..


Heading off for the Big Hill:

Bottom of the Big Hill:

C and Sonny ready for the Hill:

Looking back down the hill from the top!

It was a good, sustained climb. We trotted for a bit and when their heart rates got too high (well, Sonny’s, C was directing our progress as I don’t care to use a heart rate monitor, too much crap to worry about for now) we slowed to a walk for a few minutes at most and then trotted on. I forgot my phone and my GPS kicked the bucket so I had no mileage or speed tracker and it made me twitchy. Become addicted to that stuff! Even my random mileage tracker phone app is better than nothing. But we did about 9 miles in 2 1/2 hrs. We hand walked the horses back down the hill and it was a good stretch of the legs.

Posing in the wild flowers at the top…You can just see Collins Lake and the valley in the gap of the trees behind my head, we could see the whole Butte Range and valley from the top of that hill!

The much cursed and beloved stream crossing. Cursed for the booting issues it causes and beloved for the horses to cool their toes and get a good long drink, as Desire did on the way back to the trailers..

I’ve had it with the Gloves. I’m glueing on for (hopefully) 2 50s at Hat Creek next week, and after that I’m trying out some used Renegades that are coming down the pipeline from a friend. If I like them she’ll sell me the used ones. I’ve invested A LOT into the Gloves already and my husband is Over It. I am too though, and I’ve tried every conceivable thing to make the Gloves work, but it just isn’t!

I got home and rage-mowed the lawn before I even went in the house. About halfway through I was tired and whiny and hungry and out of rage, but I had to finish, so there’s that.

11 thoughts on “A Big Hill and (#*$&!(#!#%&!!!!!

  1. Boots, bah. Garrett and the staff at Easycare were wonderful and helpful and did *absolutely everything* that they could possibly do to make sure that I got exactly the right kind of Glove, and they still zinged off my mare 3 or 4 times on each training ride. Link here:http://bit.ly/u0EQDg

    Then I tried Renegades with much more success. Link here:http://bit.ly/dKDolR At least, they stay on.

    But my mare takes itty-bitty choppy strides when she wears boots because her feet hurt . With steel shoes, her feet don't hurt.

    That's my experience, and your mileage may vary–but I'm stickin' with steel!

  2. Damn! I sooo feel your pain, though my issue has been with the Renegades. Mine seem to fit better now, but you never know. I think gluing is a great idea, you really have tried everything! After the ride you can deal with it. I'm the total same bi-polar on frustrating rides, glad you took it out on the lawn!

    But I do have to say, Desire looks hot! And that hill looks so awesome to train on.

  3. DUDE! I think the boot thing makes me as mad as a horse leaning over and crushing a fence. And almost nothing makes me crazy like that!

    Hug ya back next weekend! 🙂

  4. I HATE BOOTS. I mean, I keep barefoot horses..hahah, oh man I am just o-v-e-r it. When my mare powers out those suckers are *gone* and not being able to power out on this mare is like keeping your Ferrari under 10 mph.

    If I had any faith in any shoer around here I would just do it. And I mean a GOOD shoer, because she's always been barefoot and it's just a crime to let any of the local fools near her nice feet. I've tried 7 different farriers and wouldn't have any out again.

  5. Don't tell me that! They're my only hope! LOL. Just kidding, I need to know any and all things good and bad re: booting. I have hopes that they'll work for her as my friend's gelding has the same hoof measurements and size in Renegades and has done thousands of miles in them…we'll see.

  6. hi bird,

    have you seen anyone using equine fusion boots in your area? what are the reports on these boots? to me they don't look suitable for endurance but they claim they are.

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