Preparing to Prepare to Prepare

That’s kind of what this week will be like. My Amazing Crew Husband can’t come to Hat Creek Hustle this coming weekend where I’m hoping to ride both days of 50s, so I’ll be extra quadruple checking I remember all the essentials. I do that anyway but you know, when a circumstance of a ride weekend changes your mind goes WHEEEEEEE with all the possibilities of what may go differently due to the change. I’m not very worried about it, I always take care of all the horse stuff while he is usually the camp set up/cook, so as long as I bring delicious, easy-prep things to eat it won’t be a whole lot different.

Hat Creek is my favorite ride of the year, so I’m really looking forward to it! At least 4 of my riding buddies from near and far will be there for both days of riding as well.

 Lots of tack to clean and re-pack, taking Desire to my trimmer’s Wednesday for a fresh trim and Glove glue-ons, and hope to pull out of here early Friday morning!

Just a glamour shot of my beautiful Joey boy..

9 thoughts on “Preparing to Prepare to Prepare

  1. One word of caution – don't get too good at going off and riding multiple days on your own, less you be going on your own more often…! (Dave always says “you do just fine without me”) — He goes on average one ride a year with me now. See you there!

  2. Oh no! But the flyer says there's world championship trophy fishing in camp – I was thinking how much J would like that!

    Fingers crossed, see you soon!

  3. What are some easy things you like to eat on the ride? I like to hear other rider's go-to snacks and meals, I have a hard time eating enough protein and fats, which I know I'm supposed to, but I like my carbs.

    Hat Creek is gorgeous area, but it must be pretty rocky/volcanic. Glue-ons are a great choice, one less worry!

  4. He fished it last year and caught a couple little trout. Just too much going on at home now that it's in the 90s, gardens and wilting animals to care for..

  5. I usually have a cooler just for drinks: lemonade, water, soda, juice, milk..

    Then in the big cooler I bring: cut up melon, bananas, apples, carrots, yogurts, Clif Bars, pickles, salty pretzels, beef jerky, trail mix, and sandwhich makings..I usually carry Clif bars/trail mix/jerky/bag of cut up carrots or some combo of those on board, and send more of the same out in crew bag..found that Apples don't survive the on-board experience well and make a sticky mess..

  6. Well, since I can't go to any rides in the immediate future (due to work) I'm going to really enjoy all the distance blogger's ride postsand can't wait to hear about Hat Creek, it sounds like a fun one:)

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