Houston, We Have Glue-Ons

Miss Desire likes a room with view..

And hopefully, that won’t turn into “Houston, we have a problem.” Trailered Desire down to my trimmer’s, D’s, this morning for a fresh trim and the Glove Glue-on application. It went pretty smoothly overall, though the left front Glue-on went on a little funky and we had to have a second go at it.  D rasped the dried glue off her hoof wall and reapplied it, but then Desire put her hoof back down she slightly twisted right at the end as the glue was already setting, so there is the slightest twist to the left front boot…if any come off it will probably be that one, but there is some small slight chance NONE of them will come off..what a thought..we’ll see. I’ll be carrying Gloves and tape on board, that’s for sure.
The other 3 went on quite smoothly and look well seated and glued. Here’s hoping! Got to get packing and cleaning..

Oo, and my 25 lb bucket of Equi-pride was dropped off at the gate by Fed-ex this morning. It’s SO much fresher and better smelling than when I was buying it in the feed store (last time I got it from the feed store it was in fact gone BAD)…love this stuff for great healthy coats and an easy All-in-One vitamin/mineral supplement.

One thought on “Houston, We Have Glue-Ons

  1. Fancy feet! I really hope they work for you, there is already enough to worry about on a ride!

    Don't you love getting packages? Even though you paid, it's like a present. I found I also need to order my supplements, the feed store doesn't have enough turnover.

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