7 thoughts on “I Forgot to Post..

  1. Just have to tell you that I really enjoy your posts and photos. I have QHs, which I love (obviously I don't ride endurance), but I am so blown away with the beauty of those Arabian heads. And then I get a grin from the comic relief shots like this. Thanks for a fun read. Can't wait to hear about Gold Country. Say hi to Funder for me!

  2. oh my, he has the same back end as that horse (amja) that my husband wants me to buy. (and the same belly: )) so how many miles has blaze done??…..*ponder*

  3. Yep, there is nothing but round with Blaze, even at his fighting fittest last summer he was still round. Has a very big barrel. It is his curse to be forever called fat but he's pretty cute I think 🙂

  4. I bought him 3 years ago as a going-12 year old. So before that, he was a lesson horse and who knows what else.

    Since I got him, he has 105 LD miles and another LD that we were overtime on by about 10 minutes but he did complete. 3 top 10s. Probably 500 or so trail miles too. He is a bit of clumsy tard gelding at times but the LD is about the perfect distance for him. He is a goer at cows and gymkhanas too.

  5. Blaze is a growing boy…. growing round! He clearly loves his food and maybe he feels he'll get more love if there is more of him to love. At least he's helping you clean though… Rose makes her food into a huge mess first and then cleans it up herself. Sigh.

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