Someday, Blaze, POW, Right in the Kisser!*

Okay, I (probably) wouldn’t smack Blaze up side his head, but BOY am I tempted sometimes. Yes, angelic little dumpling Blaze–has his moments, let’s say. I think he has been milking these slow lake rides and building himself a little mini tough guy attitude. He did this last year too, as he legged up he would throw a few curve balls my way just to see what’s what.

This morning I fed around 5:30 and had him pulled and tacked by 7. I forgot to buy more athletic tape and after raiding the numerous medical kits around the property I only came up with half inch wide tape. I had to make a pretty accurate wrap with it to get it to set where the boot shell does, and I did pretty well for an amateur. I’m getting faster with the taping and Blaze has, up til this morning, been very cooperative with letting his foot wrest on my knee for the taping and Glove-ing. I suppose it’s an indicator of his attitude to come that he kept trying to jerk his feet away from me this morning. Drives me nuuuttssss when I’m trying to finesse-tape.

We headed out for a short out-and-back on the dirt road above our property and he was literally snorting softly with every breath, like Snort Snort, ohmygod, Snort, lookatthat, snort. Arch necked, snorfalorfagus. It was pretty ridiculous for a horse that is generally not a very convincing Arabian. He spooked and eyeballed his way through the first few miles and on our second trot he went from about a 9 mph cruise to a DEADSTOP in 2 strides. Because you know, the rock next to the road that’s been there the other 2,765 times we’ve passed it, well, darn it, it’s THERE. And it’s SCARY. I had to smack him on that one, it was a way not okay over reaction.

So we pranced our way through 6.5 miles before the heat struck. It’s been 100 the last couple days and is supposed to be for a few to come. Weather forecast for Georgetown and the Gold Country endurance ride this weekend is currently 92 degrees for Saturday. Break out your electrolytes, boys and girls!

*Did everyone get the Honeymooners reference?

4 thoughts on “Someday, Blaze, POW, Right in the Kisser!*

  1. The funny thing is I really never watched the Honeymooners, but it's a quote my mom used to use upon occasion (sometimes directed at me, lol) and it stuck

  2. The flying mane in the photo is too funny. And thanks for pointing out the Honeymooners reference. Nope, I didn't think of it, but as soon as you said it it took me right back. Used to watch that show as a kid with my family.

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