The Sheza Show

Goats were rearranged today, which resulted in Sheza filly and Mini horse Bandito-Napoleon having their territory doubled in size. The girl goats were hustled off to the giant pasture full of weeds on the Joey-Blaze side of the property, while Count Hector Goatula, our youngster, found himself suddenly low man in the pecking order when the equines were introduced. Mini Napoleon quickly put Count Hector in his place–20 to 30 feet away from his filly and his grain recovery process (you think goats clean up well, let a filly and mini at a minute pile of sweet cob!). 
With expanded territory comes the need to put on a tail-flagging show. Enjoy:

SuperTurkeys Clark & Lex, now part of the Mini/filly/Count Hector herd.

Desire was mildly interested in the proceedings, that is she turned her head away from her feeder a couple of times, anyway..

“okay Boss, where to next?”


Count Hector getting herded

1..2..3..strike a pose!

There was a sheet of metal that had been leaned against the fence as in impromptu shelter for the goats, now slid to the ground. After we moved the animals around I was on my way to remove it but first Sheza dramatically investigated it:

What is this shiny madness???!

ADD moment–look over there!

HSO: High Suspicious Objects. Sheza’s world is populated with many.

Petite, she ain’t!

 Count Hector keeping an eye on the nutty racing red beast

Drama eye!

2 thoughts on “The Sheza Show

  1. wow, she has gotten so big! Of course, she's next to the mini, but she looks like a real horse, not a baby any more. And SO flashy! You'll be turning heads on her for sure. Now you can start thinking of what her tack colors will be…

  2. START thinking? Bahahaha! Her tack color is grass green. I already have a beta halter in it but it doesn't photograph true to color, comes out more limey/yellow than it is. And her string halter that currently fits is an unfortunate chartreuse color instead of the grass green..still, looks fabulous on a chestnut!

    Oh and if you're wondering, though you probably guessed by the halter, Joey will be sporting yellow and black 🙂

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