Photo Roll

Cool, beautiful mornings make it feel like fall suddenly, out riding the neighborhood with the Bay Boys. Quiet but lots to see

  Joey learning to climb hill with an icky Thing strapped around his armpits. He’s awful accepting of all the new stuff we keep throwing at him

 Blaze has always been rather disdainful of other creatures, but he and Joey are really good buddies. Despite the fact that Joey gooses him constantly out on the trail, turning his long nose back and forth to ogle. Blaze grows about 4″ every time but never gets grumpy 🙂

Blaze teaching Joey his, “Old Farm Plug, a Study” pose

 Today was for cleaning paddocks & pastures and starting the stall stripping efforts. Our 6 stalls are all oversize, fortunately only this one, the Birthing Stall, was still bedded down about 3 feet deep. I have lots of new blisters after today but the barn cleaning project is started–and the other stalls should be much easier!

 We had to bury one of our SuperTurkeys, Clark, yesterday. Now we have a solo SuperTurkey, Lex. Here he hangs out with 5 month old Count Hector Goatula and mini (emperor) Napoleon at evening feeding time

Sheza and I having a pose off in the sunset

2 thoughts on “Photo Roll

  1. Love what Blaze is teaching Joey, such a cute photo of the two if them.

    Sorry about Clark, those turkeys are quite magnificent. Lex, being the “evil” one, is left behind. Are turkeys friendly like some chickens are? They're a little intimidating!

    And you and Sheeza are such a matched pair, your hair glowing in the sunset.

  2. I'm really in love with Blaze and Joey's relationship (aside from Joey being super drama when I take Blaze away alone). Joey is such a submissive that Blaze apparently feels he can afford to be very kind and their energy out on the trail is fantastic 🙂

    The Turkeys are FUN! My friend where they came from has a giant Tom of this breed called Chuck that follows humans everywhere, puffed up and strutting, always at your heels like a dog to be part of things. They pick him up and pet and carry him. In fact when I brought Joey home from the same place, Chuck the Turkey stood behind him and gobbled and loaded Joey for us! We found Lex and Clark to be much the same, always focused on what the humans are doing, very vocal. I used to walk circles around the big metal feeders and the Turkeys would just follow me around and around, and run if I ran 🙂 On his own Lex is still very interested in humans but not as gullible.

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