A Big Hill and Big Plans

This morning N trailered all the way over to my neck of the woods and met us to ride the Big Hill (Daugherty Hill) in the nearby Wildlife Area. It was a warm morning and I had lots of icy water bottles and my Cool Medics vest on board, plus a cooler of drinks waiting back at the trailer. The grey mares were ready for the trail and both tromped through the deep creek crossing and then powered to the top of the Big Hill in their Renegades.  I’m happy to report that between 2 horses , 6 boots, and 1 big hill, there were absolutely no boot issues.
Following a very motivated Willow, who is always happiest on new trails

Grey mare parade

 For the first time since I’ve been riding there, another truck and trailer pulled in and some endurance-y type folks went out for a ride at about the same time as us, though they didn’t take the Hill. Also for the first time there was a water district truck out in the middle of nowhere, working on ditches, which got some heavy eye balling and snorting from the grey mare brigade. Both gals conquered the hill admirably and we both hand walked them back down to the bottom. 9 miles in 2 1/2 hours, but some nice hill work!

Desire is in great shape and the Renegades are working so well for her, so after re-examining calendars and maps and musty mental spaces, I’ve committed to the Trinity River Challenge 2 day ride next weekend, the 15th/16th. I was planning on a 2 day at Patriot’s Day in Greenville that was due to happen this coming weekend, but it got cancelled due to wild fires, so Trinity is actually quite conveniently timed in the swing of things for us! It’s a first time ride with experienced endurance riders managing it, will be interesting to see how it all goes, but we’re game for it. Looks like a beautiful area and the weather should be decent, my mare is in shape, it’s a 2 day–LET’S GO!

See the taken aback mare stance? She is still weirded out by how often and from what strange angles I take her picture

1..2…3, strike a pose!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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