Green Grass, Raincoats, PUPPIES!!

 I’ve visited my puppy twice in the last week and may I just say, he is *divine*  Happy, mellow, trusting and relaxed. He gets tired first and sleeps Hard! He has ice blue eyes that should stay that color and is very fluffy and soft. Unfortunately he can’t come home until he is four months old, because he needs to complete all his Parvo vaccines before coming home to our property which is a known Parvo zone. Our county is really bad for Parvo, unfortunately. Luckily the breeder is a good friend of mine and only lives about 9 miles away! I will be seeing lots of my pup in the next few months. He was 5 weeks old on Monday.

Registered name: Dragonfly’s True Tattooed Rascal

 Barn name Rip Van Winkle (Rip) because the first 2 times I met him all he did was SLEEP and you see he is still quite good at it

His siblings playing it up. Look at the beautiful half face marking on his dapple brother
On to pretty but not-as-cute things, I  was up early this morning with a bottle of Cowboy Magic in hand to de-tangle stickery manes and get blankets on everyone. Desire wore hers overnight as she is a Princess but I had decided to comb out Joey and give him Blaze’s hand-me-down midweight waterproof and see if Sheza would let me catch her to try her new blanket *eyeroll*  Joey was a little snorty but stood to be haltered and  with liberal Cowboy Magic love I eventually had his mane and forelock untangled and braided them all up securely. 

 Grass is growing, Blaze in his foresty home 🙂

Looking stormy behind ole Joey boy

 One paddock is empty and soon grass will be tall

 Sheza is still very squirrelly in bad weather and it was very cold and windy this morning, her least favorite sort of morning. Surprisingly she crammed her head into Desire’s halter and I took her to the cross ties and put her new blanket on. Which. Is. Too. Small. AGAIN. Le sigh. First time foal owner here and I have now failed 4 times consecutively at blanket buying!! I swear I measure every time, but if they are long enough (usually barely) they aren’t long enough on the sides to cover her big ole body. Hmmph. So she doesn’t fit in a 60″ now. Still, proof below that she is out in a blanket at some point this winter:

6 thoughts on “Green Grass, Raincoats, PUPPIES!!

  1. Good guess but no! Hahaha, it's a Miniature Dachshund! Actually a little..ermm…cousin?nephew? of our 3 yr old Doxie Wilbur. I don't remember bloodlines of my horses let alone dogs but he's from the same breeder only a long haired Doxie which is what they breed for. Our Wilbur was the one smooth Doxie of the year that year that we got him 🙂

    His names are listed above the pictures

  2. Yes, I am told by the breeder that dachshunds can come in any color combination possible for a dog, including the blue eyes. His chocolate dapple brother has blue eyes too. Very striking 🙂

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