Thanks-giving and Country Life

I won’t deny it, living in our own home with all our animals surrounded by beautiful land and critters in the woods is my Heaven. No matter when, where, or what, I am a country girl at heart, for ever and always. True my early years were spent in the Suburbs of Maine, but even there at our cool old 2 story rental house we had 2 big yards, a pond to ice skate on in the winter, a dog, cats, and a handful of critters in aquariums on top of the bookshelves along the walls. My mom ran a successful print shop business full time as well as mothering the 4 of us kids, and she made sure we had space to play, animals to play with, AND I got that one riding lesson a week at the barn that started it all. It doesn’t matter what else happened along the way, I declare that a positive and wonderful childhood and I’ll be forever grateful for it.

Just stuff I was thinking about yesterday as I worked around the place, trimmed Blaze’s hooves, brought in more firewood from the bottom field. Working hard in the clean country air surrounded by a cast of animal characters fills my heart, especially with an equally enthusiastic and outdoorsy guy by my side.

Some of the characters:

Jay, 7 yr old Catahoula/Shepard mix

There was a squirrel in my truck under the hood!! Luckily our mini Doxie Wilbur hunted it down and saved my wiring 🙂

 Blaze Hind mustang rolls, see Joey in the red blanket in the back, watching closely

 Blaze right front, the smushy heel on the left side of the pic is getting better, quarter crack on the right, I am still learning to scoop the quarters and keep his flaring down

 Blaze left front, out of the pasture

 Blaze left front, in progress

 Fuzzy winter Blaze ❤

 Took 10 pictures and this was the best of ole Mule Ears out in her blanket. Sometimes she is so photogenic but bedraggled in a blanket that she is still half-protesting wearing is not one of those times, Hah!

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