Filly on the Go and Homemade Reins

Redheads will do it, but they’ll do it with some sass…

 It was 30 degrees this morning when I fed at 6:30 but by 10 am the sun was warming things up a little and after much screwing around, a good hour anyway, I had Desire tacked up and Sheza girthed up for the first time in my bareback pad, ready to hit the road. The bareback pad fit fairly snug on Sheza on the very tightest hole, and it’s a normal horse size pad! What the heck happened to my BABY filly?!

The two personalities: Forward and OHShitBehindYou

 Sheza likes to stop and eat. A lot. It takes a long time to get anywhere with all the eyeballing and eating, but that’s okay

 “Hmm black hole beneath my feet, possibly..”

 Testing new reins, ponying Sheza, taking pictures, and keeping ADD mare on the trail intead of taking a shortcut through the woods to ??? like she always is

 The Girls out on the trail(road)

She scents along like a dog sometimes

 A little quieter back home after a few hills 😉

 ..after 2 seconds, “Hmm, I’m hungry” 

 Momma mare steed

 I’ve been wanting rope reins for a long time, but the few times I’ve bought them they haven’t been the right sort of rope and have pilled out on the Velcro on my pommel bag really quickly. After some consultation online and with friends, I went to the local Surplus store–which is stuffed full of awesome random junk–and bought two different weights of technical climbing rope, $10 a piece for 50 ft of rope of each. Then I bought some more scissor snaps and some rope clamps in different sizes from Tractor Supply and last night my husband and I whipped the reins up in about 10 minutes.

The black rope rein is VERY lightweight and I loved riding with it today in gloves. I was too busy with the filly to switch reins out as I had planned so I haven’t tried the heavier weight grey and blue rein yet. It should be equally nice as it isn’t even as heavy as a normal rope rein so may just sit more comfortably in the hand width-wise. We’ll see!

Filly wandering off

 SuperTurkey training

 Desire’s ultra lightweight bridle, custom bit hanger by Distance Depot and rope reins by us!

I did a maintenance “trim” on Sheza with the rasp after the ride today. The 3.7 miles had put a nice natural rasp on her toes but she still needed some toe taken off and a better roll all around. After the miles, which included a few short, steep hills, she was *much* quieter for hoof work. May have figured out a back saving strategy there!
The knowing stare of a miniature Dachschund cannot be denied nor avoided..are you being Watched? 

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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