Bay Boys at Work

Fuzzy Blaze steed at the lake yesterday am, listening to some tunes while we wait for a Mustang trail buddy to arrive

Following the Sedona butt down the lake trails

A spot for ponies to BEHAVE 

Tack adjustments, scary bush inspection, the usual

“I know I saw carrots go in that bag back there, GIVE”

Looking chipper after charging the big hill!

Posing after our hill charge, thanks for the great photo J!

Good endurance steeds slurping down. Sedona Mustang and J completed another AERC LD at Lake Sonoma a few weekends ago, woohoo!

Sweaty steed ready for a fleece rug and a full hay net

Ask and ye shall receive

Wild woolly man at home after some good rolling–look at that muscle under the fuzz!

Finally warm enough to shed blankets and Joey got groomed, de-wormed, and a front toes rasping as well

 Why are you crouching down over there and stealing my soul with your silver box?

Joey hooves haven’t been messed with in a while. This is  a crappy photo of left front, he isn’t as upright and funky look as it makes it look, but shoes toe before quick rasping. It is QUICK because he doesn’t have much patience for it and I try to make things short, sweet, and successful with him, especially if he hasn’t done mileage yet!

Cleaning up toe

 Left front, need to get his heel back farther

 Right front, need to get that heel back farther and scoop the quarter a little I think

Joey started chomping when he saw the de-wormer tube coming and just agreebly chomped it down when I stuck the tube in his working mouth. I don’t know that I ever mentioned it on here but a few weeks ago he got all his annual vaccines and was a gentleman for the vet. Good Boy Joey–and War Horse comes to mind as usual! He’s good when it counts.

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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