Moab Day 2

Travel and Day 1 is in a separate post below this one..
Rip and I were well rested and ready for more adventure this morning, and this time I headed out on GE LZP Chrislazell, a nice mare who could really truck! She is a daughter of GE Double Zell, who is now a gelding but has a perfect and perfectly impressive record with 55 starts, 55 completions, including 4 successful goes at Tevis! Chrislazell is an athletic and quiet ride and a gorgeous deep red chestnut color.
 The two interns, D, and I were all riding pasture mates, and mares at that, so in the cool December air we all found ourselves having a Yeehaw moment or two, but we all kept it in the saddle and had a great ride on yet another beautiful day.
Chrislazell–sticking with the redhead theme 😉


 wee wild mane!

It was another sublime day out on good horses in killer scenery. Not much more to say than that!

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