Moab Day 3

An unexpected rain shower blew into Moab last night and I awoke to rain on the window and a mild migraine no doubt brought on by the change in pressure. Fortunately morning rain meant I wasn’t missing riding by taking it easy on D&C’s couch until around noon when I was feeling better, and by that time the sun was back out! We saddled up for a nice evening/sunset ride and I had a *TOTAL BLAST* flying around those narrow winding desert trails on miss Salza. You can’t help but smile, grin, even laugh out loud, at the rush of power trotting and cantering around these snaking trails!

 C outrunning 3 horses 😉 Okay he was ahead of us already out running, but he did run home, grab a horse, and come back and catch us again! 

 Even their dogs run long distance!

 Heading back as the sun is setting

 Don’tcha wish this was your backyard too? 


 this is my face after charging around on Salza :p

 Salza enjoying some gnoms as darkness falls

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