Moab Day 4: 30 Miles of WEEE!

This morning we picked 5 fit horses and trailered out to some gorgeous wide open spaces. The pictures pretty much say it all, but I will say this: it was the fastest 30 miles I’ve ever ridden in my life on absolutely unfrickin-believably fit horses! Our moving time was about 3 1/2 hours and most of that was at a canter. The horses never flagged but I sure did! Luckily I had worn my ankle brace and put my stirrups up a notch but I was pretty well spent by the last few miles. It was an amazing experience to ride a horse of that caliber at the speed but PHEW, I don’t know how D &C do that for 50+ miles! Impressive.
Global’s scenic yard, getting ready to load up

 And we’re off!

 Endurance dog(s)

 20ish miles in

 C was ready to do another loop while we youngsters cried Uncle after 30 miles!

 Holy COW! says Hellsdancer

 Picture Arch

 Picture Arch

The Gang!

5 thoughts on “Moab Day 4: 30 Miles of WEEE!

  1. Do they keep their horses in glue-ons all the time?? Or were these horses just going to or from a ride? Just curious how long they're able to get out of a set of boots.

  2. The horses were at rides hence the Glue-ons, but C did mention he has gotten 6 weeks out of Glue-ons on a horse without super torquey movement. Just like with strap on boots horses with that more difficult movement lose glue-ons faster.

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