My Own

oh you! Where’s my carrot?
2,816 miles, 6 states, and 2 weeks later, I have a blog post about my own steeds. I had a wonderful time in Utah and New Mexico and am forever grateful and honored to have spent time with those people, on those horses. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and my heart was indeed full spending time with my own herd this morning. Everyone is mucky, stickery, dreadlock-y, and in desperate need of a good workout. Everyone is beautiful, and hey–happy to see me!
Joey & Desire greet each other before spa time &swapping paddocks

 I got the report that Joey was a naughty uncatchable boy the whole time I was gone but he trotted right to me and stuffed his head in the halter this morning! He snuffled me the whole time I groomed him and stood nicely to have all FOUR hooves cleaned right out of the gate. Hard to believe it but my scared little prey-driven shy boy seemed quite happy to see and be handled by me! Earning trust is such a good feeling.

Joey explores his new digs out next door to Sheza and mini Napoleon
 Sheza is kinda bigger than Joey, but still knows to play baby-mouth
 I don’t see a foal in this picture anymore!
 Hey, you’re back and you brought the camera! Look at MEEE!!

There is lots of rain in the forecast but I have good raincoats and hey–a new saddle to get fitted to my steeds! A nice used Specialized Trailmaster made it’s way home with me from Utah and joins my Eurolight in the tack room, lucky me 🙂

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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