It was COLD this morning, but the sun was out, and my blood was hot for a good brisk ride on one of my own steeds! Blaze fit the bill and after fitting my *newused* Specialized Trailmaster to him we took off out of the driveway with a bouncy 2-weeks-off spring in our step.
Looking sweet but ready & snorty

 I’ve seen some sights in the last few weeks but the foothills of Northern California are pretty damn beautiful still

 Everything was dressed in a warm green glow and sparkling in the morning sun with the remnants of last night’s rain

 Blaze thoughtfully looks both ways before crossing 

 I got a new brain bucket and shades! 

I had a spanking good ride on Blazey boy, who snorted and balked and even thought about bolting away from terrifying things like new fences and old traffic cones. After a few miles he settled right into his sky-high trot and much more enjoyable canter, even collecting up nicely with light contact. My grin was a mile wide to be out on my boy again–see there it is:

 Blazer in the Trailmaster, staring down Cows

 Creek was over the road last night but luckily no icy wading to cross this morning

 We made pretty good time considering the amount of pavement traversed at a walk and were back just in time for Desire, who wishes me to always remember that my #1 job in life is expedient delivery of bountiful edibles–because as you see, she’s a veritable greyhound and could really afford to gain a few lbs…..*XPdisguise*

 After settling ponies with warm mashes I cleaned and organized my open air and thus now very damp tack area, and discovered my Eurolight seat was molding! There was nothing to be done but to completely clean and organize my long cluttered Woman Cave/office in the house so that my saddles could take up dry and comfortable residence in it. What, sweaty leather is like perfume to me 😉

Specialized power!

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