When ya got the right tools…

…the rest is easy! 

I got home this afternoon from my Coastal Christmas with my family on the Mendocino Coast where I grew up. In case you’ve never been to or heard of the Mendocino Coast, let me educate you. Quite simple:  It’s. Gorgeous. 

Taking Highway 20 out of Willits through the redwood forest to my childhood home on the coast always both fills and constricts my heart. It’s just so ridiculously picturesque and memories and worries and pain and joy all wrestle for top billing in my mind as I drive back towards Home.

Fortunately Christmas is a time of family cheer and my sister’s ebullient clan of 4 kiddies kept everyone in high spirits for a delicious Christmas dinner and lively gift giving session.

Hoof Jack–What can I say, my mommy loves me!

Yesterday I had a fun day out with my mom, including lunch where my sister joined us, and dinner where my step-dad joined us and we 3 went on to see the movie Lincoln in the local cinema. It was a great movie, by the way, I highly recommend it and may just forgive Spielberg for War Horse yet!

This morning I made the 4 hour drive back inland and immediately got to work with my new toy. It was already bitterly cold at home in the foothills in the afternoon so I motivated the second I pulled into the driveway and got a full trim done on Desire in no time. Wow, with the right tools life is soo much easier–thanks Ma!

 Oh, one of my Christmas presents here at home was getting my ankle tattoo fixed up! I got the W and tiny pale anklet done when I was 14 years old, the year my brother Will joined the military–and a few months later, 9/11 happened. Fortunately he emerged safely from service a few years later. I am proud of the tattoo’s sentiment but have never been happy with the tattoo itself; I really liked the tattoo shop that did my barefoot hoof tattoo a few months ago, so I made an appointment last Friday–and I’d say the 4 hours of PAIN was worth it!

My middle name is Lily, btw, for clarity..The feather is a sort of owl/hawk hybrid. The little purple flowers go all around the back of the ankle

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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