A Lake Ride! (Good Vibes Please)

I hadn’t trailered out in a forever so I jumped at the opportunity to join J and Sedona at Lake Oroville for some trail time. We figured it would be sloppy in some parts but had no idea just how sloppy. Blaze and I did about 15 miles and most of those were at the walk, including 2 or 3 miles uphill on foot. More on that later…

Uhhh guys.. I hear Something!

 Seriously, I told you I heard something!!!

 My beautiful boy ❤

 Taking some pics with high tech sunglasses! J and Sedona

 Fun in the tunnel

 Beautiful trails, if a bit sloppy today!

 J noticed something was off with Sedona so she started hand walking her, then noticed her cell phone was gone! The darn bag just ripped right off and silently disappeared. J had a long haul back home and was concerned about her horse, and to really cheer things up, it was starting to rain. I told her to keep walking for the trailers and Blaze and I slithered our way back down the trail in search of the little black case. We had a spanking canter along the good footing on the gravel road along the river, then spotted the case lying plain as day, asking to be retrieved. Another good canter back towards the trailers and a few more miles and we caught back up to J and Sedona.

Heading back again, love all the red berries out

 J hand walked Sedona the last 3 miles or so back to the trailers, which was of course all uphill. I hiked with her, out of solidarity, and because I could use the narrow trails to keep Blaze moving forward straight ahead as I kinda-sorta taught him to Tail. He was eyeballing me suspiciously as I lurked next to his rump and played with his tail, but he’s such a good natured sort that the worst he did was circle back around me a few times when he found the space to pull it off. Incidentally, hanging out at his rear is a MUCH easier way to get a good forward walk out of him–if I lead him from in front he walks like a dying farm plug!

Anyhoo, we aren’t sure what is up with Sedona, a possible shoulder/muscle pull of some sort. Send positive thoughts and prayers out for her, please!

Blazer boy wearing his girlfriend Desire’s blankie

One thought on “A Lake Ride! (Good Vibes Please)

  1. Sending my best healing wishes to Sedona!

    As luck would have it, I also lost my phone on our Christmas Eve ride, but I jog/trotted the whole thing on foot and didn't find it:(

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