Rasping in the New Year

I trimmed Desire’s hooves Thursday night and after a 15 mile ride on Blaze yesterday, it was his turn for a pedicure. The sunshine is finally back and should stay for a few days yet! The horses have been in blankets for weeks now, I had to stop myself on the way out the driveway for the feed store, realizing that Blaze would cook in a fleece and sheet, with this strange thing called Sun shining down so strongly. Okay so it’s about 48 degrees tops but it feels positively balmy after weeks of grey and damp.
Blaze rocking the Mudster look
 Hooray for a hoof jack!

 I so love going to the feed store. I feel like I leave it totally broke but hey, it’s worth it 😉 Our feed bills just never seem to get smaller, funny how that works..4 horses later..what’s that they say about potato chips?

 Hay is my obsession. I am constantly aware of how much I have, when and where I am getting more, etc. Nothing makes me happier than a full hay barn. I am taking it in the teeth a little on price to get the higher quality stuff, I just *cannot* feed my horses crap hay, especially with endurance goals.

 Blaze’s heels got away from me a little as the last few months have been holidays, or I’ve been on the road. Will be bringing those back but his feet are looking pretty good and he’s moving great.

 Hind hooves are SO EASY with a hoof jack! Ohhh my

 Goats of Leisure, enjoying sunshine

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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