Reflections on a Mare

GE Blazun Haatdesire, Arrived January 2011, 8 months pregnant
w/ filly Sheza Blaznhaat Xpres, born April 14, 2011
Getting back under saddle, Fall 2011
Our first 50s together, Cuyama XP March 2012
700 trail miles and 305 AERC endurance miles later. 
Today at on our home trails at Lake Oroville, what a journey we have had.
I seriously love this mare, Desire. She is impatient, suspicious, restless, uptight, forward, beautiful, intelligent, tough as nails, and an absolute dream to ride. Nobody knows what the future holds, but I do know that she is special and I am happy to appreciate her in my life each and every day. She gave me another great gift in Sheza-filly, a horse that is sure to change my life again in new and interesting ways in the future. Thanks girl, here’s to more mornings and miles and Hay Mountains together.
Some shots from today’s End of the Year ride at Lake Oroville:

 Arabian Mares in conference, Desire and Willow

 Yep, we’re gonna get eaten. Or, maybe, be given something to eat? Hmm..
 Changing weather
 Brrr, changing for the tid-bit-nipplier!

  Happiness is Horses. Happy new Year, everyone.

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