Brave New World

A new year, a new life. I’ve been trying to start this blog post for a few weeks now, but it’s incredibly hard to wrap my brain around the changes in my life, let alone put “pen to paper” as it were, and share it with my blogging audience, such as it is. Still, I am far from the only one going through a serious upheaval of some kind and I knew I couldn’t stay away from the blog forever. I quite enjoy writing it and hearing that other’s enjoy it; it’s something normal and routine for me, and there aren’t many things like that left at the moment, so here I am.

Synopsis: My husband and I split in January and I have now moved myself and my animals to a new home. I’m in the same area, in fact within 20 miles of my old house; it’s endurance heaven around here and I’ve established a life and friends, so I was not interested in leaving entirely. I am fortunate to have a wonderful support system in my friends and family, a thousand Thank Yous to them, and a thousand more after that. I bought an ’80s travel trailer and moved onto a good friend’s property, along with my gelding Blaze, Sheza filly, and mini horse Napoleon.

New home, same dorky face 🙂

The friends I moved in with are the breeders of my amazing long haired mini Dachshund puppy, Rip, and he has finally joined me full time.

Rippie star

As has a little chocolate Doxie darling girl I named The Kodiak, from the litter two weeks younger than Rip. They keep each other busy and are sources of great joy and light and laughter in a time that it is seriously needed. Even old crotchety Georgia, my trusty Chihuahua, has come around to them quite quickly and indulges them in a few minutes of play every day.

the Kodiak

the gang playing

  I am looking for a home for Joey–see his dreamhorse advert here–and am working on getting my mare back to her original owners in Utah. It kills me to lose her but she will have a safe forever home and finances are different as a single person with critters!

SO. Major life adjustments all around. Did I ever think I would be getting a divorce at 25 years old? Certainly not. Part of me doesn’t even believe it all happened, yet. It *is* for the better, and that is what’s important at the end of the day. The rest will fall into place and heal in time.

Here are some photos from my ride out from new home the other day. There is a nice 10 mile loop right out the front gate that includes a pretty serious training hill. Luxury!

up the hill

 home in sight

8 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. Good to have you back, though I am so sorry for the circumstances. There are no words when times are bad, but adorable puppies, a good trail horse and friends and family can help you through. Best of luck on another chapter…

  2. Hey girl, I've been following your happenings on Facebook and doing a lousy job of commenting…I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. It's never easy to go through upheaval and life changes. You're a strong spirit and I admire how you're pulling through this. Virtual hugs to you and your little fuzzy darlings. Please let me know if there's anything you need that's within my power to make happen. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about the dissolution of your life and your downsizing. I hope you are doing okay. Looking forward to seeing how Sheza develops. Good luck finding a home for Joey, he seems like he has the potential to be a great horse. Keep your chin up. And kiss your puppies.

  4. I also have had trouble knowing what to say but I'm glad you've got some good supports in place and that you've been able to keep part of your herd. I also hope Joey finds a good home as he seems to be an excellent little horse. I was wondering how you kept saying doxies like there was more than one but now it makes sense. I hope they'll bring you much joy as they grow up with you and there is nothing like a band of slightly neurotic, always rambunctious doxies to keep you laughing.

  5. Sorry to hear about the upheaval. Your strength and forward movement despite it all is very admirable. I'm sure everything will work itself out in the right way with your animals. Excited to hear more about the new riding digs. You sound like you really have a great start to something new.

  6. I am sorry you are going through life changes like the ones that have been dealt to you, but I am glad you are bouncing back and have your critters close by. I hope Joey finds a home that understands him and takes him to places that even Joey doesn't know he can go right now. Thank you for taking time to blog…I discovered your blog last year and love keeping up with your adventures.
    Hugs from an unknown friend in the Midwest.

    Karen and Tripp

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