Horse n Weenie Adventures

The stoic Kodiak
The sun continues to rise in the East and set in the West each day, regardless of life changes or heartbreaks. We decide every morning what sort of attitude we will face the day with and thanks to my mini Doxie pups, horses, and good friends and family, I am mostly choosing to stick with a positive, forward-moving outlook. It simply isn’t productive or good for one’s mental health to wallow or run mental circles, and so I am keeping busy and running actual, physical circles. Or loops, anyway. 😉 With the help of an experienced friend I am upping my usual workout/running game and finally reaching for my goal of running a marathon. My plan is to start with a 10K at the end of next month, then a half marathon, and hopefully by the time fall (and cooler weather!) return I will be ready for a full marathon. I know I have the will and determination to train and follow through, I just hope my metal ankle holds up! 
My weenie pups are now 4ish months old (Kodiak is 2 weeks younger than Rip) and this past weekend I them out on their first leash/harness excursions. Rip is very distractable but picked up the leash walking thing in about 1/4 mile, while little Kodiak took to it with no trouble but is a bit shy on interacting with strangers. While Rip winds himself around anyone’s ankles to say hello, Kodiak runs and sits between my feet and pretends most strangers don’t exist. They are such intelligent and hilarious little dogs already, they will really be stellar canines by the time they are grown.
Adventuring in Bidwell Park

Rip in the park
My pups were my Valentines this week and they didn’t let me down 🙂

 I’ve been riding the 10 mile loop from the house about once a week at this point, I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and fuel for hauling out is suddenly much more dear now that I’m maintaining and feeding my critters on a single income. Still it’s a beautiful loop, and Blaze, mini Napoleon, and my filly are doing well here in our new home.

Out on Blazer boy
I’m now riding Dippi, a nice young Arab mare once or twice a week for a friend that is helping me out with boarding my other 2 horses until they find homes. She had about 18 rides on her when I started working with her and is an amiable mare, one of those “born broke” types. Very smooth trot and a great build on her, she will make someone a very nice endurance pony some day.

Dippi and I
 fitting Dippi for Renegades
 Dippi moving out first time in my gear & Renegades

 So for the most part I am busy, happy enough–am certainly surrounded by friends and animals and really what is better than that!

4 thoughts on “Horse n Weenie Adventures

  1. Good to know you're up on your feet, and literally running with it! A good attitude will certainly help, as will those puppies and a good horse. The trail outside the barn looks great, while I love to trailer out it is so nice to have easy trail access. Dippi is super cute too, love those greys with all the dapples.

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