That’s Life!

I certainly can’t contain in this one blog post all of the revelations of truth, hurt, love, loss, confusion, and extreme highs and lows that have comprised my life in the last few months. As you may know from following the blog, my husband and I separated at the beginning of this year and I moved my horses and dogs and self in with some friends. It was a rough couple of months and my husband and I barely kept in touch at first, and then more so as the weeks went on. We met and walked our dogs and talked about everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It felt like being able to breathe again to put it all out there and both admit our mistakes and agree that neither of us could give up on it all so easily.

So, here we are, mid April, working on things, glad and grateful to be together but very aware of what has happened between us and determined to work on it. The horses and dogs and I are back home and life seems to be getting back on track. It’s not all easy sunshine and rainbows but it’s real life and I am happy to be back here with my chosen partner. Our separation was confusing and painful but necessary I believe, and I am proud of myself for taking those steps, and also for opening my heart and mind enough to just lay it all out and communicate, which believe it or not, is rather hard for me in real life when not typing lengthy blog posts!

As I said the horses are home, I trimmed up Sheza–who turns 2 on Sunday–Blaze, and Desire the other day and need to have a go at Joey’s hooves too. I really need to order some new rasps, too! I’m looking into barefoot trimming schools/clinics to attend to further my knowledge there; I’m enjoying the hard work but really have a lot to learn I know. I still need to bring home a bunch of my horse junk from the other place I was staying but I am looking at being back on track for some riding finally! A blown truck tire while hauling my (thankfully empty) horse trailer last week prompted me to *finally* get new tires all the way around on the truck, a spendy task but a necessary one.

Life just isn’t simple or near as color-by-number as I’d sometimes like but I’m living it and doing things to the best of my ability. I so appreciate the love and support from friends and family throughout everything and look forward to posting some fun new horse adventures on here again very soon!

Here’s some catch-up photos 🙂

Ran my first 5K at the Lake Oroville trails last week, it was fun and over so quickly compared to an endurance ride!

Caught some dinner at the lake..

 Joey boy back home enjoying all the grass:

 When in Doubt, dig shit up!

 Rip and Kodiak got neutered/spayed last week and did some heavy loafing to recover..

 Blaze and (giant) filly Sheza out enjoying the grass back home

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  1. Check out Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. It's a good program with a great bunch of people. Their annual convention is in Sac in Sept. They have great clinics, some as webinars, & great mentorships.

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