Woohoo! And Yeehaw

I officially have my first ride entry of the year in the mail! Woohoo! I certainly didn’t expect it to take until June to say/type that, but then life doesn’t always patter along according to plan, now does it? I’ve entered Blaze and I in the Friday and Sunday LDs at Wild West and can’t wait to be back in a ride camp and saddling up for AERC fun.
I rode with N and Willow the other day and only took one photo! That’s some kind of record. We were busy talking, who needs more photos! 

Ah, shady Oroville trails

Today I trailed down south early and loaded Blaze and my gear into J’s rig and we headed to a riding spot she likes that I had never been to. They just opened a lot of new trails there and it’s a very nice spot with  a spigot and buckets at the trail head, bathrooms in multiple places along the trails (no, really!), and great footing on some shady trails as well as good hill conditioning options. 
Blaze ready

 Ready to break into J’s Elk Grove Stable Mix, that is

 We headed out and it was admittedly very unshady and rather hot at first. But after a few miles and a bunch of foot and some horse traffic, we got out of the Father’s Day rush and enjoyed some speed on the shady, hilly trails. I don’t think I got many pictures of the shady bits coz we were jamming along those trails, Yeehaw!

Busy trail head

 A shady spot with a view of the valley

 Sedona walks and trots a bit faster than Blaze! 

 So many options for trails and they are all marked with fancy wooden signs

 A few easy gates to go through

Big bridge to cross

 Some horse traffic up ahead–and hills!

 There was natural water available in numerous spots along the trail, and the breaks of greenery are always nice to see, too.

 Lots of snazzy bridges

 Multi tasking! Ride, take a Selfie, smile,  do a thumbs up, don’t drop the crop! I can also pat my head and rub my belly at the same time..  😉

 More snazzy bridges!

 Cooling down in the creek, almost back to the trailers

 We whipped out a quick 10 miles, then made mashes at the trail head, cleaned up the horses and kicked back in the shade with lunch for all parties. The horses both felt fit and strong and ready for some LDs. J is also planning 2 if not 3 LDs at Wild West and N is going too, so it should be a fun weekend with some of my good horse buddies. Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Woohoo! And Yeehaw

  1. Exciting! Mel will be at WW with Farley and I kind of wish I could be there too – but I think I will spend quality time with my couch instead, lol. I love Blaze and he looks so good!

  2. Oh, the new trails Hidden Falls! I rode the old trails but there were so few of them. They all seem so manicured compared to the trails I usually take. And are typically crawling with people/strollers/bikes! Sounds like once you get out on the new farther out trails it get better. A fun adventures in training, see you at WW!

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