Sheza Redheaded Filly and No Mistake

“Ermahgawd, what are you doing???”
I was all ready to post gorgeous photos of my redheaded filly in her shiny new blue rope halter–but I have a redheaded filly, so she instead remembered that she *hates* new things that smell of Store, and only wanted to wear Blaze’s stanky old green halter. She is SO her mother’s daughter. New halter? Eyeballs wide, snorting, jumping away. Old horsey smelling halter? Sticks her nose in it and waits to be done up. 
Still, she hasn’t done her “catch me not” thing in ages (knocking on all nearby wood) which is wonderful! Matter of fact I can barely catch and get Blaze out the gate without her Ninja-ing her way along with us 🙂
Hey, Blaze wears her blue well 

 Erm, not so nice on the faded green, Sheza! 

 I cleaned up their hooves today and got a few pictures of the redheaded filly beast, since it’s been a while. Sheza is 26 months old now:

 Looking at her mom in the paddock next to us and wondering why I’m lurking behind her with a flashy thing

She hasn’t been gaining much height in the last few months but she is certainly getting nice and stocky for an Arab her age! Her neck is even filling out some and remember, that’s Blaze’s halter her fat head is filling!

 Sheza was pretty good for her trim again, a few hoof pulls but no hugely dramatic spazzing. That makes 2 trims in a row without Major Spazzes! When she did pull her hoof or hop around a little Desire always nickered at her. The tender side of me says she was telling her to stand quietly but the realistic side knows it’s Desire so it was more likely, “Yeah kid, jump around, get crazy!”

Blaze has general contempt for being clean and tidy. Actually even if you halter him,walk out, turn in a circle, and put him right back in the pasture he will roll and roll like he’s been contaminated. Certainly keeps him flexible and well adjusted!

 Ah, dusty with some hay in my hair, much better!

 Blaze’s topline has improved a LOT since earlier in the year. He carries himself pretty well naturally and does collect well without playing giraffe too often, and all this riding has brought his back up again nicely. Love it! Also this is Blaze where you can just slightly feel/see his ribs, and he still has “belly.” For all you haters out there who have to declare to me that my horse is “just FAT!” as some lady did at the trail head the other day!

 “I tell ya kid, it’s a hard life”

 The gang of 3, and Sheza is the tallest at 14.2! Haha

 Loving her solid build! She doesn’t need to get a whole lot taller, really!

 Blaze marched over and nosed my head saying, “hey, stop taking picture of her and scratch my withers!”

Gear is starting to pile up in front of the tack room for this weekend. Heading out early Thursday and will be home either Sunday night or Monday, depending on how it all goes. Our plan is the LDs Friday and Sunday. The ride isn’t far from me and Sunday’s LD is only a 25 and starts at 9 so I could realistically pack up in the morning before the ride, do the 25, and be home for supper. Then again I think there is a banquet Sunday and as it’s the only dinner at the ride I wouldn’t want to miss all that! My crew husband is going to stay home but will probably run up one of the days with the dogs to say hello. Can’t wait for the ride!

4 thoughts on “Sheza Redheaded Filly and No Mistake

  1. Arabians that are at a good weight tend to have a big belly. Look at all the show horses and how round they tend to be. I used to worry about my boy, but one of the trainers said he looks awesome and if I start riding him faster and longer, it will help fuel his propulsion.

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