Featured Horse: Gorgeous 1 1/2 yr old APHA Filly

I’ve decided to add a little something else to my blog. I won’t set in stone the way it will be laid out because this is the first go, but I am inundated daily by email and ads from friends with good horses who need homes. This ranges from rescue situations to quality trained horses that have a higher market price. I’m not going to post random horses I know nothing about but if I can at least reasonably vouch for the horse/owner I will post the horse here with photos and contact information and help network as I can. For now, if you see FEATURED HORSE in the post title, there is a horse available for sale/rehoming listed therein. There will be a Featured Horses Page on the blog where readers can click to see all horses that have been listed previously that are still available. I will update regularly so if the horse is listed as available, it IS.

SO, meet our first featured horse, Miss Dream N Big, aka Hazel!

Location: Fort Bragg, CA
Breed: registered APHA
Age: 1 1/2, born spring 2012
Height: 14.1
Price: $3,500

Photos from December 29th, 2013, at 1 1/2 yrs old:

Amazing that  this beauty isn’t even two yet! Hazel has been shown in hand Horsemanship, Trail, Lunge Line, and Model Horse. She trailers and clips well and has a great start with Clinton Anderson Horsemanship techniques. I know Hazel’s owner/breeder personally and have had the pleasure of riding her horse’s she has trained herself. Without a doubt this filly has had the right start in the world and is a great all around prospect looking for that forever home. 

baby pictures

Sire, Big n Zip, 2005 AQHA Cremello Stallion

Dam, Black Skippin Dream, 2005 APHA Mare (2 months from due date with Hazel here)

 Please Contact Kim Celeri @ (707) 367-0746 for more information on this stunning girl!

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