The Only Kind of Babysitting You Can Rely on Me For

Scrap and I hit the lake today and rode with Mel of Boots and Saddles, babysitting her on the 3 year old race bred Arabian she has in for 3 months light under saddle work. It went a little something like this:
I led.

 Then she led.

We walked and trotted, and she had some great first canters with Tig. Then we stared at stuff:

And Tig, quietly, stared at stuff:

 Scrappy looked for treats, and then stared at some other stuff:

 It was fun, relaxed, non dramatic. The biggest spook of the day was executed by coming 9 yr old sleepy fella Scrappy, go figure. Tig seems to quite reasonable and willing, and obviously enjoys the trail. There were a few things that Mel worked with and adapted to, but that’s her story to tell. My story is that I enjoyed the day and my Scrappy fella, and riding with a good friend who is discovering and reminding herself of the fun of a solid minded young project/prospect horse. Pretty well a fine Saturday, I’d say!

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