Filly Photo Updates (big Sheza news!)

Rc Rory experienced her first CA thunderstorm/lightning/hail/rain storm not long after arrival. With typical Rushcreek aplomb she marched her tiny self into her open shed alone, let her ears do the worrying, and addressed FOOD.

The next morning the rain stopped and she had her first California lie down with Aunt Desire watching over her. 
*Sheza Update!*
She’s gotten more gorgeous than ever as the baby fat melts away. She is a total teacher’s pet and is doing wonderfully.
working out the weeees

down to business

Rory has been quite sure from moment one that Desire is her source of comfort, indeed for the first 2 days I could all but wave my hands in front of Rory saying “helllooo” and she would barely give me her attention for looking at Desire.  On the third morning her attention had started to come around to me. She isn’t into treats yet, the carrot bites I offered her the first full day here still lie on the ground where she abandoned them, and she bit and dragged the bucket of wet mash offered that day but didn’t deign to try it. Still she’s been a hay eating machine and drinking great throughout, and having experienced Scrappy’s askance eyeballing of some of my notions of spoiling horses, I’m not too bothered that she isn’t keen on treats yet. 
baby butt ❤
 *Desire* likes treats though, so I’ve been whistling her up and giving her micro rewards since Rory arrived and by today I could see that Rory’s eyeballs were firmly fixed on me as I moved around the property instead of just the horses. She isn’t spooky about hoses and water and things that used to make Sheza put on a show, which is interesting. She now already marches up to me if I come to the gate and kiss and she boldly walks at my side when I bring hay in for feeding, but she TOUCHMENOT!s if you turn your energy *at* her, which from her bold attitude gives me the impression is more bad/permitted habit than true shyness. 

The forecast calls for sun and sudden escalating temperatures starting tomorrow so I hope to get some good work in with Rory, get more of that wild hair shed out for the heat, and work toward getting those hooves trimmed up!

**Sheza Update!!!**
Sheza had her first go under saddle with a rider solo today!!! She was reported to be quiet and relaxed about it and I think the photos certainly reflect that. So proud of my girl and grateful to April Moore of Moore Horses for doing such a great job with her.

4 thoughts on “Filly Photo Updates (big Sheza news!)

  1. its so much fun that we have babies and station of life. I didn't think that it would matter so much till I read this post about what you're planning on doing with Corey and I realized that I have many of the same thing on my agenda. By the way I'm doing this as a voice to text comment because you know what I am NOT alie doing as a multi task so forgive the weird words 🙂

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