Scrap on Trail and Saddle Stuff

Scrappy and I got out to the lake trails this morning to ride with C and Sonny, local riding buddies of mine that for one reason or another I hadn’t hit the trail with in well over a year. C had only met Scrappy once when I first got him last summer and Sonny has come a longlong way since I last rode with them, and it was really interesting to discover that the previously power trotting Sonny who I was sure would leave Scrappy in the dust has totally relaxed and was just our speed. The boys rated really well together and liked snacks and drink breaks nearly as much as one another. 😉
Temperatures are in the mid to high 80s today but fortunately the rangers cleaned and refilled troughs *while* we were out on the ride so the filthy trough we spurned on the way out was clean and topped off on the way back, just after a big hill climb. Perfecto! 

I without question had a great ride, but I also had a few Laugh and Shake Your Head moments. You know, those things that are either so ridiculous, or in this case, so ridiculously contradictory to something that you just said that all you can do is laugh and shake your head.


Me: “Yeah, he’s pretty sure footed and takes really good care of us!”

(Scrappy almost face plants)

 a few miles later..

Me: “Yes, I love this GPS, awesome battery life!”

(a mile later notice the GPS died)

a few more miles later..

Me: “Yeah loving this saddle! It’s so comfortable and been doing well for both of us.”

(get home, wash horse, with filth gone and clean slicked out hair swirling around I see obvious pink rub spot behind left shoulder)

The plan? Break out Blaze’s Specialized Trailmaster and the bucket of shims and see what I can come up with coz I’ve got my first 75 miler in 3.5 weeks…

5 thoughts on “Scrap on Trail and Saddle Stuff

  1. LOL! Horses seem to create those moments especially for us….

    Can't believe NASTR is so close!!!!!! So excited for you. Probalby better to go with the specialized – the saddle fitters we've talked about in the past are probably scheduled at least 6 months out. We should have done it over the winter but ah well. Time enough for that later right?

  2. I had it pointed out to me yesterday that my trusty Woolback is thinner at one shoulder than the other, possibly causing some of my shoulders-not-even saddle fitting woes.
    I have a ride THIS WEEKEND.
    Hello, Coolback. I think we're going to become great friends for a while, and you better not have the same problem!

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