Crewing Ride n Tie Championships

Last weekend I crewed the Ride and Tie Championships for Team Worst Ever, also known as fellow bloggers Mel and Funder. I had a blast helping get Farley and the gals through the day, as well as hanging out with my other crew members including blogger LCT. My other experiences crewing have been for Tevis and while this was RnT Championships the atmosphere was *ahem* a good deal more relaxed than that! The event was held at lovely Dru Barner campground, site of the Gold Country endurance ride coming up this weekend. The high was about 90 but with the shade in camp and breeze it certainly could have been a lot worse for summer in July (says the lucky/unlucky one not out leaving it all on the trail)

Anyway my activities beyond standard crew servicing (food/water/tack & rub maintenance for all) mostly consisted of whining about saddle fit for hours on end, so I’ll leave you all with these links to the ride n tying gals posts to read instead:

Here’s a few highlights from my photos of the day:


One thought on “Crewing Ride n Tie Championships

  1. How are you the first person to link LCT's blog?! Well. Adding that one.

    I think 'standard crew servicing' should include 'copious amounts of photography'. Well done, all of you!

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