Horses for Health

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well maybe–my horses would like to participate in that health plan, anyway. Horse time and exercise are my mental and physical therapy, so I did my best to get my hands on my herd as much as possible this week. The autumn weather has been warm and fabulous (50 low, 75 high) for it, too.

an evening trim with Sheza filly while Rory was a total shite in the background
filly derp in Scrappy’s halter!
Wednesday we met trimmer mentor D and her grey mare for some hillwork
D had cookies, and Scrappy wanted them..
the best time of year on the trails!
Scrappy still thinks I have weird notions like walking backwards taking photos
*ambivalent ears*
Thursday evening I set aside a few hours for Rory and the fly spray bottle in the round pen.
She didn’t trot a single complete circuit this time.. 
and I sprayed her completely at liberty, so that was that, reward at the patience pole
 and a hind hoof trim, all done in under an hour.
 standing still eating is a favorite Rushcreek activity..hoof care is a boring addition
This morning Scrappy and I hit the trails early, solo
 We love the new browband-less headstall from Distance Depot, it’s just the ticket for a sweaty fathead with a broad poll. handmade in the USA, Check em out! 
 the cutest fella! 
 rock on left not to be trusted, FYI
 I did a couple miles on foot and we both had a proper sweat. I broke a cable on an old worn out hind boot but my much needed replacements should be here Monday.
(below Scrappy is seen eat/itching with mixed results)
Ride entry for the Thanksgiving ride sent! 

2 thoughts on “Horses for Health

  1. happy horse time, excellent! How funny that you mentioned that headstall, that was just what I was looking at too! Major is a weird size, not arab and not horse, the browbands never fit correctly, glad you like it, might just have to copy you and order one…

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