A Horse Week in Photos

Life is busy as ever around the Redheaded Endurance acreage and spare brain power for impressive verbiage is undeniably short. The camera finger is never tired, however, so here’s some highlights from the horsey side of life in the last week:
Sheza-poser ❤ With my filly girl
Working is different than posing. Just ask her Princessness
20 or so minutes later, looking like something I might actually want to ride! 
tis the season for lovely sunsets
Rory may not have a Rushcreek brand but I challenge you to deny the
energy efficiency that is lying down in your breakfast to eat. 
she does this 3-4 morning a week.. 
Galloping weenies! 
Ears provide lift to assist stubby legs, don’tcha know!
 Auroras Squared!   (get it?!)
Filly #2 is getting big all of sudden
sunrises aren’t too shabby either..
Blaze had a spa day on Saturday
don’t let his Rubenesque physique fool you..
he’s got the moves!!
this is how he gets up from rolling 🙂
 the  boarder goats came home for the winter and Rory was quite intrigued
an hour later, she was a professional goat herder
 Rain is forecast for a few days and next week is the endurance ride, so with buddy N’s assistance I got Blaze and Scrappy out for 10 miles this morning before the weather came in. Both boys were moving well and as of now we’re all systems go for Gold Rush Shuffle Pioneer! 
Blaze & N
 cool morning on the trails
 Scrappyderp 🙂

Off to do property rounds and make sure all’s well for the rain. Hope everyone is enjoying their November!

2 thoughts on “A Horse Week in Photos

  1. 40% snoogle, 60% ring her cute little neck! 😉 As I left yesterday to ride she was waving the auto waterer at me (the one she had just ripped off the water trough, that is)

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